playing favorites

Playing favorites

My motive is not being cynical, sarcastic, or skeptical. While putting forth my views I don’t mean to stereotype anybody plus I do not mean to hurt anybody’s sentiments. Please don’t misunderstand the following as a comparative case study or something.  It’s simply an eye opener or a propaganda of facts based on personal experiences of many of my colleagues and subordinates. It’s an overview of reality! While penning this down, my agenda was to generate a bit of alertness and awareness in terms of thought processes in the minds of all my friends and classmates working in India or abroad in any profession,  who take out time to read my note. I think it’s easier to change ourselves rather than struggling to change the entire system. This way if each person changes and recognizes his or her moral and ethical responsibilities and the devastating repercussions of bad actions which harm the esteem of another human being then this will be the essential renaissance which will lead to a healthy system!

“Y “had joined the organization with lots of zeal and enthusiasm on the basis of his excellence in academics as well as co curriculum. It was his dream and he accomplished it. He has a degree from one of the best and reputed government colleges.  He is a well-deserved and meritorious candidate who has proved his skills from time and again in all the sectors of life. He is a focused brilliant achiever and a hard worker since his childhood. He had a passion to be a part of the organization, and had to strive hard and take vigorous mental and physical efforts to do so, but he did it in one go! He feels pride to be a part of the organization and always keeps his duties before self.  He proudly sports and flaunts the uniform, and his family is proud of their dutiful son! He always looks forward to new learning opportunities, challenges, adventures, new ventures, and hardships that keep coming his way, and loves and does his work with utmost devotion.“Y “is not a cipher or a plebeian nor an everyman.  He is neither an affluent nor a bourgeois. He is an alert, logical, diligent, talented, meritorious, goal oriented, astute, and self-made person. His parents and relatives are working in corporate sector and hence he has no links or nexus in the organization. So for the organization he is a nobody, a common man a negligible entity!  He a does not originate from any ascendency or legacy. He always wanted to be a part of the organization and he has devoted himself in the service with lots of self sacrifice! He no more longs for any appraisal, commendations, credits and recognition for his selfless service. He has learnt it a hard way that he will never get his dues, but he knows he is worth it as he has toiled a lot and given his blood and sweat to make his pastures green and satisfied with all that he has achieved on his own! But he craves for equality and non discrimination in the establishment.

“X” is of royal origin. He is a heritage-child, a noble- born in the legacy of men in uniform. “X” is quite influential by birth and is a fortuitous soul, the apple-pie of the organization. His dad is one of the top brass echelon and has swiftly moved to the peak. “X” brags about his dads achievements and loves to misuse the perks, amenities and facilities that come with it. He likes to show off in every possible way. There couldn’t be a more eligible and deserving candidate than his son to continue his legacy in the organization. And so “X”‘s gateway in the organization was paved in the most aristocratic and smooth way.   His entry was a planned one and his survival was made easy throughout his tenures by his mentors and guardians in the organization. The organization bends and creates rules according to dear X’s needs, convenience, and liking! He is the most privileged, affluent candidate, who has to have the best prospects. His demands and comforts are attended with priority! He is the child of rule makers and breakers.  The organization is like a home pitch for the prince!  It’s his birthright to all achievements and progresses and he is the rightful heir to generous garnering of accolades, foreign postings and many more in the establishment.  He has inherited the green pastures as a patrimony! Daddy’s Happy go lucky boy!

This was just a small example there are many such x’s and y’s . There are many instances of injustice and inequality where different tools and techniques of manipulation are used.

Here y is the victim and x is the beneficiary of the most venomous practice of patriarchal nepotism.

We come across many such instances and cases in our everyday life, but we avoid talking about such heavy subjects. Due to fear, indifference and social stigma we tend to let go such incidences and deviate from them. Our increasing apathy is fertilizing, kindling, and engendering increasing malpractices like nepotism, cronyism, favoritism, in-group bias, oligarchy, and kleptocracy, patriarchy and hierarchy etc in this organization.  Our ignorance and indifference is slowly aborting the meritocracy and democracy in the system! That’s the biggest blunder; we should clean this filthiness off the organization, and create a blissful and friendly environment for the future generations. It is our moral responsibility to stop and curb all wrongful practices that don’t allow the growth of talent and merit.  We need to have a pragmatic and empathetic approach while dealing with issues involving the above mentioned malpractices and methods. Such negative conditioning leads to emotional abuse, and erosion of identity. These malpractices are proving detrimental to the reputation of professionals and organizations. The favors-system is deeply embedded in our culture and we need to uproot it before it spreads it roots everywhere.  Such malpractices are not only illegal especially in government establishments but they are the cause of conflicts and mutiny. We should lead by example by imbibing the organizations core values and bringing them to the fore and being ambassadors to preach the same message through actions to our subordinates. The matter of trust and integrity should be stirred and revitalized time and again with rightful actions and then only such malpractices can be curbed.  The top brass officials are vested with the responsibility of welfare and well being of all the people who are a part of the organization which will definitely improve the productivity and develop an affirmative working environment that encourages and motivates them. This goal is hard to reach if nepotism and favoritism is being practiced, and especially if it goes unchecked. Therefore it is imperative to curb and expose these instances at its outset. A n transparent system is the necessity of the time. Clearly delineated policies and steadfast commitment to ethics from senior to junior may definitely help us get rid of such deadly practices! Each and every person should be instrumental in curbing and demolishing such methods, and we should from time to time try and spread awareness amongst our fellow subordinates about the legal perspectives of such manipulations.

The basis of an establishment is its men. But slowly and steadfastly people are losing faith in meritocracy and excellence in service.  We are proud of the heritage of the organization and it has been a tremendous honor to serve the country. It’s worthwhile and fortunate to have a career as a soldier and a blessing to be a part of this wonderful organization.  But there needs to be a constant replenishing of source of duty, dedication and valor. The organization now has changed in terms of attitudes, weaponry, knowledge, and nature of warfare, but what should not change is the morale of the man behind the gun! We don’t need to be whistleblowers, we need to carry guiding lights in terms of alertness and awareness, keep our conscience clear by maintaining our ethics and integrity and create a sense of zero-tolerance towards such malpractices in the system.

The government also needs to induce new laws and a judiciary system needs to be set up, heavy penalties should be issued to the guilty for such unethical offenses. They need to open up special grievances cells where cases of ethical violation can be put up. The govt needs to keep tracks of matters pertaining to the above mentioned malpractices and take stringent action against such people. This will definitely help motivating and maintaining the meritocracy in the system and develop a positive psyche in the common. Remember a single unethical act puts into motion a chain of events with drastic consequences.  Let us not be victims of manipulative tools and techniques  by some cold blooded unethical people with bad conscience.


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